Financing Solutions

SBA Loans

SBA loans have very low interest rates and have and have extremely long pay back terms. 

SBA Bridge Loans

SBA bridge loans are loans that are designed to bridge the gap for any immediate business financial needs while you await on your SBA loan to be disbursed.

Business Term Loans

Business Term loans have low interest rates and payments are made monthly.

Merchant Cash Advance

Simple, fast unsecured funding. Payments are based off of a percentage of future credit card sales oppose to a fixed amount.

Merchant Term Advance

Quick unsecured funding. Payments are based off of future bank deposit sale receivables. Payments are made either daily, weekly or biweekly.

Business Line Of Credit

Easy access to funding. Use the money as you need it.

Equipment Financing

Purchase the equipment that you need now and pay for it later.

Invoice Factoring

Get paid on your unpaid invoice  / account receivables now.

Business Debt Consolidation

Pay off all of your business debt in one shot or receive assistance with paying off current business debt and free up your cash flow.


Credit Building

Use your EIN# to acquire business loans, credit cards, and lines of credit oppose to using your personal credit to do so.


Credit Repair

Help get your personal credit back on track. Remove negatives off of your report and build to "Own" the healthy credit that you deserve.

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